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Terms & Conditions

Confirmation Process

• To confirm your group, please sign below and return by email directly to the Key Accounts Executive/Manager responsible for your quotation.

• On receipt of written confirmation, the file will be handed over to the Group Operations Department who will contact you. While we will make every effort to confirm hotel names as soon as possible, in some cases it may be necessary to wait 4 weeks prior to arrival to benefit from our excellent rates.

• Quotations are valid for a period of one month from the date of offer or as specific option date given in the proposal.


• Your group operations contact will contact you 40 days prior to arrival to confirm that the group is travelling and request final passenger numbers.

• Any changes in the number of passengers travelling must be advised to JacTravel in writing. Changes to passenger numbers (both increase or decrease) may affect the pricing, we will advise you if this is the case. Any additional rooms are subject to availability.

• Major changes to the programme after confirmation, such as change of dates or location requiring us to rebuy services will incur an amendment fee of £500.00 GBP over and above the cost of any extra services/increased costs as a result of the change.

• Reduction in numbers made after final documentation is produced (itinerary, invoicing & vouchers) will incur a charge of £50.00 per amendment/per group.


• Prices quoted are NET Rates including all taxes and service charges.

• Rates are per person, based on sharing a Twin/Double Room.

• Minimum group number is 15 paying passengers, unless advised otherwise.

• Pricing is based on current tariffs and taxes. JacTravel reserves the right to change the contractual price at any time prior to the departure date in the event of increases by service providers, VAT (Value Added Tax), exchange rates or any other price variations. Thus, if there is a fluctuation of more than 3% on the overall, then a new quote will be sent to reflect these increases so long as there is a period of at least 3 months in-between time of booking and start of the service.

• Quotations are based on diesel price at point of offer – we reserve the right to amend our prices if there is a significant increase on the diesel price at date of operation.

• We also reserve the right to charge a supplement to cover increased prices (or confirm hotels in alternative cities) if the group travels on peak dates, public holidays or during trade fairs. We will, of course, try to anticipate such dates and build any applicable extra costs into the package price at the time of quoting. In this instance we will make you aware of the reasons for the increase in cost.

• Gratuities for drivers and guides are NOT included.

• We have not costed in the proposal the cost of porterage of suitcases either at airports or hotels unless specifically requested and advised.

Services Provided

• Based on 49-seater coaches, unless advised otherwise. Prices for groups of 20 pax or less are based on smaller coaches. Please also note that smaller coaches may not have the same facilities as full-size coaches (no WC, TV, air-con etc).

• There are strict European laws concerning driver hours on touring coaches. A typical touring day can last 9 hours, extendable to 10 hours twice per week. There is a weekly driving limit of 56 hours and a two-weekly limit of 90 hours. There are mandatory rest periods during the working day and weekly rest period; a 24-hour rest period is required after 6 consecutive days of driving. 48 hours rest period is required after the second 6-day period of driving. This will mean that on longer tours affected by this rule the group will not have the same driver and /or coach throughout.

• Should the group be travelling with more than one medium-sized suitcase per person it may be necessary to cost in a luggage van or trailer to carry the group’s luggage. Please advise us as soon as possible if this is the case and we will advise the supplemental costs.

• Coaching prices include parking charges for entrances/destinations specified but if the itinerary changes, then extra parking charges could be levied.

• If your group is travelling to London in your own coach or a coach chartered in your country, please note that coach parking fees either at hotels or coach parks where applicable are not included in our prices.

• If your group is travelling to London in your own coach or a coach chartered in your country, please take a moment to look at the following sites that will explain the London Congestion charge and the Low Emission Zone:

• For half-day and full-day coach/guide hire please note the following:

Half-day tours last a maximum of 4 hours with a maximum mileage of 75 miles – Morning sightseeing starts at 09.00 hrs and finishes no later than 13:00hrs. Afternoon sightseeing starts at 14.00 hrs and finishes no later than 18.00 hrs.

Full day tours last a maximum of 9 hours with a maximum mileage of 150 miles, to start no earlier than 08:00hrs and to finish no later than 18:00hrs.

Additional hours and mileage are subject to supplements.

Evening tours last a maximum of 4 hours from 19.00 hrs to 23.00 hrs

• Guides are not automatically included in evening activities, if your group requires the guides to be available in the evenings for touring programmes a supplementary charge will be made.

• 50% supplement is charged for guides and coaches on UK Bank Holidays. On Christmas Day, 31 December from 13.00 hrs and 01 January, there will be 100% supplement for guides and coaches.

• For both coaches & guides we will pass on additional costs incurred because of flight delays or changes that result in rebooking or extending services.


• Twin rooms may be one double bed and either 1 single bed or 1 full sized sofa bed.

• Triple rooms may be one double bed and 1 single bed/1 full sized sofa bed and are subject to availability.

• For multi-bedded rooms in hostels & budget hotels, the actual breakdown of rooms will be decided by the accommodation provider when they receive the rooming list. Therefore, multi rooms can be four, five and six bedded.

• A maximum of 5 of the rooms within the allocation above can be used for single occupancy in total, unless stated otherwise elsewhere in the offer. There will be an additional supplement for further single rooms requested (if these are available) and this is usually equivalent to the twin/double room tariff.

• If the hotel quoted is not available, an alternative hotel will be offered within the same price category. Please note regarding price offers hotels will be confirmed at latest 3-4 weeks prior to the departure date.

• In the UK & Ireland, many hotels are being signed up to exclusive use government contracts – should confirmed hotel space be lost to a government contract, we will do our best to offer an alternative within confirmed location & budget, we will work with you to provide the best solution for both parties but cannot guarantee this not the possibility that additional costs may be incurred and passed on.

Central/Area Hotels Locations

• City Hotels are defined as approximately 5-10 minutes driving time (approximately 3-5 miles from city centre)

• Area Hotels are defined as being within an approximate 45-minute driving time.

• Many hotels in the UK, Ireland & mainland Europe do not offer air-conditioning in rooms. Therefore, if this is a requirement for a group, it should be clearly stated at the time of the original request, otherwise we cannot accept any liability in case of complaints arising from lack of air-conditioning.

• The application of star ratings may vary in quality from country to country and should not be relied upon alone to indicate the quality of the accommodation. Hotel star ratings detailed in our offer are based on personal inspection of the hotels by our contracting team.

Additional Services

• Certain transport services are not always timetabled to run daily. Where a quotation is provided including these services with dates to be advised, it will not be possible to confirm these services can be included in the programme until dates are submitted.

• Supplementary service rates are based on the full group purchasing the service.

• All entrances are subject to availability and opening times.

• If the group requires travel cards, assistance is compulsory on arrival or a charge for registered post to an address in the UK will be made to the client. JacTravel is not responsible for any tickets that may go missing in the post.

• All timings and distances are approximate and subject to variable conditions such as weather, public holidays, etc. We will inform you of any enforced changes as soon as they become apparent.

Rooming Lists

• Rooming lists are required at latest 28 days prior to the arrival date. Failure to comply with this could mean the hotel releasing the group.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made in writing to JacTravel and must be acknowledged by JacTravel. We will try to be as flexible as possible regarding option dates/cancellation deadlines. However, unless advised differently the following cancellation schedule will apply in the event of the whole/part of the group cancelling:

Up to 31 days prior to arrival:

NO CHARGE – unless non-refundable deposits or pre-payments (i.e., theatre tickets, train tickets, hotel deposits) have been paid out on your behalf

Within 31 days prior to arrival:

up to 100%

Where applicable we will endeavour to recoup any payments made to suppliers and to negotiate the maximum refund possible.


No-shows will be charged in full, as it is normal practice for suppliers to charge for services under these circumstances.

If we confirm a supplier with different cancellation/deposit terms from those stated above, we will advise you accordingly.

Invoicing/Payment Terms

• Unless credit facilities have been agreed, an invoice for the expected tour value is raised 42 days before departure with payment due 35 days prior to the arrival date.

• For late bookings (within 1 month of travel date) of all non-credit clients, the full tour value must be paid immediately before any services are guaranteed.

• Where any supplier, including ticket providers (rail, theatre, special events etc), requires prepayment, we will advise you accordingly and invoice for this at time of booking the services. Should any of these prepayments be non-refundable, you will be advised by your group operations contact accordingly. We will hold tickets provisionally on your behalf for as long as possible, allowing you to ascertain final numbers. However, tickets can only be purchased on your behalf once payment is made, and please note once paid they are non-refundable and non-transferrable.


• All payments should be sent in Pounds Sterling. Euro invoices can be arranged on request at the time of confirmation of the booking. Payments should be made by bank transfer directly to our account as stated on the invoice.

• For payment up to £5,000 (or equivalent in Euros) JacTravel can also accept the following credit cards: SWITCH-VISA- ACCESS-MASTERCARD. There will however be an additional administrative charge of 2.0%*. For AMERICAN EXPRESS, charges are 2.5%*.

*These charges are correct at time of issue however they are subject to change at any time during the period of this contract. Any subsequent changes to the rates quoted above will be advised at the time of payment

Please ensure your payment is directed to the correct account as any charges for misdirected payment will be passed to yourselves.

• All payments made to JacTravel must be accompanied by remittance advice, clearly listing the JacTravel invoice number (s) and the amount (s) being paid. If you do not pay an invoice in full for any reason, you must state the reason and provide documentary evidence supporting this reason.

• JacTravel reserves the right to cancel all arrangements and bookings if the payment schedule is not met. If a deposit has been paid, this will be forfeited.

Invoice Disputes – Should the client have a dispute with a particular invoice this is not sufficient reason to delay payment of any undisputed invoices.

Overdue Payments – clients with whom credit facilities have been agreed will pay interest charges on overdue payments at the rate of 1.5% per month.

Alterations after arrival made by client

• Any alteration or abandonment of travel or hotel accommodation after the client has commenced the tour will be in breach of the contract and will not be accepted as any basis of claim against the company and no refunds will be made.

Force Majeure

• JacTravel will not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the holiday where performance and/or prompt performance of the contract is prevented by reason of war or threat of war, riot, civil strike, industrial dispute (affecting employees or any person other than those of the company), terrorist activity, pandemic, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, adverse weather conditions, hostilities or political unrest and other similar conditions beyond the control of the company. Under these circumstances we will attempt to negotiate limited cancellation charges however cannot guarantee this. If the group is stranded, JacTravel will charge the end client directly unless advised otherwise.

Customer Service

• Please ensure that your client communicates any issues with the services provided during the group’s stay as soon as they occur.
• During office hours, please contact us on:
+44 (0) 207 284 7952 / [email protected]

A 24-hour emergency service operates outside normal office hours:

07968 267241 (French/German markets)

07764 783674 (All other markets)

• If you do not follow this procedure we cannot accept responsibility for any complaint, as we will have been deprived of the opportunity to investigate and rectify the problem.

• JacTravel will not accept any liability in respect of any query, which is not reported to us in writing within the next 7 working days of the group returning home.

• In the unlikely event of a service change which is beyond our control, JacTravel will endeavour to provide a similar service of equal standing.

Data Protection/GDPR

• JacTravel complies with all applicable requirements of the Data Protection Legislation that can be found at the link below:


• All operators working with JacTravel will be deemed to have agreed to these conditions without variation once they have booked services and/or submitted the deposit. JacTravel operates within all clauses as specified in the EU Package Travel Directive. JacTravel is a trading name of Jac Travel Ltd (company registration number 4714729).

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