What is a Destination Management Company (DMC)?

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September 23, 2022

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Sunset out of a plane window from a traveller using a destination management company

A destination management company, or DMC, arranges products and services in a travel destination. They are the best partner on the ground with expertise and knowledge to help clients create the best products.

What does a DMC offer?

DMC’s offer a range of products and services for every budget. These include accommodation, coaching, catering and guiding among others. They also cater to more niche experiences such as specific sports, food, drinks or activities.

Why work with a Destination Management Company?

The main benefits of working with a DMC is that they truly understand the logistics of what can or can’t work in a destination.

Other benefits include:

  • help to overcome language barriers
  • one-stop-shop to save time and money
  • ability to contract the best rates
  • strong relationships with suppliers

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