Travel Trends to the UK for 2022

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February 4, 2022

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So many people have lost their opportunity for a vacation over the past couple of years, travel may have slowed but travel planning has not. What has changed is the type of holiday travellers are looking for. Below are a few travel trends that we can see emerging for 2022.

Multigenerational Travel

Combined with being stuck at home and losing quality time with wider family, there is a desire to build lasting memories, reconnect and travel as a family to make up for lost time. JacTravel are finding increased enquiries around trips for the whole family with activities and touring that suits everyone.

Once in a lifetime

Having spent so much time at home people are planning bigger, bucket list trips. According to Vrbo’s annual Trend Report, 54% of those surveyed said they were more likely to take their bucket list trip and spend 33% more than they usually would – there is an urgency to take that dream trip.

Beat the crowds

People are searching for trips off the beaten track, looking for more exclusive escapes. According to Expedia, there has been a growth in alternative accommodation; grand estates, castles, cottages etc. These places tend to be in wide open spaces within nature and offer a level of privacy to those wishing to feel more safe and secure as they travel.

Slow travel

As well as getting off the beaten track, travellers are looking to take their time exploring; self drives, luxury rail and yacht travel have become more appealing to those looking to escape the crowds and spend time experiencing more genuine connections and enjoying local culture.

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