Baking Traditional Irish Soda Bread

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December 13, 2021

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This week we were grateful to Tracey Jeffery for introducing us to both her wonderful and traditional griddled Irish soda bread as well as her authentic Farmhouse Kitchen set on the shore of Shangford Lough, County Down (only 30 minutes from Belfast).Described by her visitors as “hospital, warm and educational – a true delight!”, Tracey offers her guests a variety of traditional baking experiences with options of lunch or simply tea or coffee. For those looking for true authenticity, Tracey is also a local tour guide who can enlighten her guests with knowledge of local suppliers, cooking techniques and local food history.Good news! Despite JacTravel’s rum bunch of amateur baking enthusiasts, the recipes are easy to follow and relatively low in terms of ingredients. Definitely suitable for beginners looking for an authentically Irish experience.

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